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Forming real connection in the age of data overload

In today’s increasingly digital age, there is information everywhere. We’re receiving a never-ending stream of data from all angles - from our smart phones, our browsers, our inboxes, our newspapers - the list goes on. You’re being called on wherever you go, so it’s not surprising that consumers are overwhelmed and indecisive when faced with purchasing choices; humans just don’t have the bandwidth to process the mass amounts of data that we’re presented with.

This over-stimulation is problematic for brands and businesses as we’re struggling to form tangible, legitimate connections with our respective audiences. The result of data-overload is that consumers have a multitude of choices and can no longer differentiate between good products and their mediocre counterparts. Businesses that fail to create messaging that truly resonates with their audience will not succeed in convincing consumers to invest in their service – or to put this more plainly: they will not influence a buyer’s intent and will fail to meet their sales targets.

It is quite disconcerting to think that businesses, who may be delivering premium services, are suffering due to the absence of longstanding connections. Coupled with this, we’re dealing with consumers who are significantly more cautious and less trusting than previous generations. They approach prospective purchases with restraint and skepticism. They do their due diligence and analyse what competitors may be offering. This creates complexity for branding and communication on the whole.

So how can brands establish tangible connection in an increasingly digital age? The solution is to present communication that is concise, transparent and easily comprehensible. Don’t bombard your reader with more information than necessary; offer gripping visuals that are easy to follow and most importantly - be honest with the reader. Unfulfilled promise is perhaps the strongest contributing factor as to why consumers may leave one brand for another. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer to wholly understand the user-journey.

Bottom line? Relationships are built through authentic communication and through a genuine concern for how others may be impacted by our actions, products or promises. If you want others to vote for you, buy into your messaging or purchase your product, you have to offer transparency. By re-establishing connection with your audience you will improve your communication and by extension, your business as a whole.

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