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Rather than write a conventional blog (containing rather long winded, self-promoting guff), we use this space to post quirky and inspiring industry-related articles that gets our grey matter whirring and tickles the proverbial funny bone. On occasion we may give you our two cents’ worth, but we promise, it’ll be worth it.

Weaving the Golden Thread: Guiding Principles for Brand Excellence

Weaving the Golden Thread: Guiding Principles for Brand Excellence

In the tapestry of branding, there exists a thread that binds all elements... READ MORE

From billboards to bots: Our branding odyssey

From billboards to bots: Our branding odyssey

G Studio Branding Agency began as a humble beacon of creativity and innovation... READ MORE

Celebrating staying power

The cornerstones of any successful business? Integrity, innovation and ... READ MORE

The G Studio Difference

Why our strategic approach is worth investing in. Branding and marketing agencies are a little like ... READ MORE

10 Fool-Proof Branding Rules for 2023

During uncertain times and when markets are unpredictable, your branding needs to remain consistent even ... READ MORE

Maximise your agency’s collective skillset: A G Studio Branding guide for businesses

For this quarter’s blog, we’ve decided to flip the script a little and put the ball in the client’s court. ... READ MORE

A consistent tone for your brand: what it is and why it matters

Every brand has a general tone, or ‘tonality’, whether we as consumers are consciously aware of it, or not, it’s there. ... READ MORE

How to become a business tiger in 2022 (and why you should)

2022, according to Chinese astrology, is the “Year of the Tiger”. Whether you believe in these things or not, it makes for a great analogy for how to tackle business this coming year. In other words, for how to become a Business Tiger. ... READ MORE

Analytics for tracking campaign success and SEO-related mechanisms

In the final part of our motivational series, we’re sharing insights about measuring the impact of creative executions through nifty marketing analytics tools and why it’s important to rev up your SEO strategy. We’ll also shed some light on how this data ... READ MORE

A Snapshot Of Consumer-centric Design Trends Of 2021

We’ve passed the halfway mark of 2021, giving us the ideal opportunity to hit the reset button on our communication tools and design practices. One of the most exciting facets of graphic design is that the consumer landscape that it aims to reach is continuously in ... READ MORE

Embracing the digital storefront

As part of our plan to inspire you to be bolder, we’re keeping you updated with the latest intel on trends and movements within the online landscape. With the majority of consumers passing their days at home, the digital brand home shifted into a new gear, so to... READ MORE

Upwards, Onwards...And Beyond

We’re welcoming a brand new year - a fresh start, with a blank slate. This year, we’d like to encourage you to be bolder, better, and smarter in your approach to your current brand. To this end, we are discussing e-commerce trends and offering helpful... READ MORE

Strap in for the ride!

We recently embarked on a fun exploration of content creation, highlighting how the user journey can be enhanced when the right approach is selected. Read it here. Given the economic changes and a great shift in consumers’ purchasing habits, we’ll... READ MORE

Curation in action

We’ve considered two distinct approaches to the creation process in the first part of this series. In our final article, we’re looking at some topical examples of how to break through the clutter by selecting the best process for your marketing strategy. READ MORE

Making your reader tick

We’re considering the process of content creation and the specific approach embedded in its execution. In our previous blog we discussed how the specific goal of the communication should be used as a compass for the time and effort used for the creation process. READ MORE

The question of curation

Content curation is essential when aiming to reach a given target audience. By fully understanding the desired user journey, the execution process of the final product can be clarified. READ MORE

How will AIM influence brand growth?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a prominent topic and subject of debate in recent years. Though some theorists have... READ MORE

A global outlook: anticipating future trends and learning from past success

Whether you’re a well established brand or new on the scene, you’ve probably analysed the environmental factors of the market... READ MORE

Forming real connection in the age of data overload

In today’s increasingly digital age, there is information everywhere. We’re receiving a never-ending stream of data from all angles... READ MORE

Data mining and what it means for your business

It’s incredible (and a little scary) to contemplate how much information is actually available about human beings via our interaction with the... READ MORE

How creativity evokes constructive change (and why it matters)

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Yet society tends to brand so-called ‘’Creatives’’ as being arty-farty, impractical and a little... READ MORE

The key elements of a great marketing strategy

Going into 2019, we’d like to share the foundation of a great marketing strategy with you. With over 15 years of business we have discovered... READ MORE

Why a marketing strategy is crucial to your business

One of the key ways we achieve success in any business is by making people aware of the products and services we offer, and convincing... READ MORE

Why businesses re-brand (and why they must)

Companies rebrand for the same reason you would get a new haircut or buy a few items of new clothing for your wardrobe each season... READ MORE

Harnessing Synergy: A Mission Statement for 2018

A synergetic state is one in which two or more individuals or organisations work together in a fruitful way that produces major... READ MORE

How Playfulness, Collaboration & Encouragement can transform your business

In the present economic climate there is less room than ever for below par work. There is always someone willing to work smarter... READ MORE

Time to Evolve

For most people, change is scary. We all tend to be a little risk averse. You get the occasional daredevil, a gravity defying Evil... READ MORE

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