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Full Scope of Services

G Studio Branding Agency crafts standout brands with comprehensive marketing strategies. As a one-stop solution, we handle every aspect of brand development and execution across all channels. Our streamlined approach offers you a stress-free experience, providing a single point of contact for your marketing needs. We've established strategic alliances with leading third-party suppliers, managing administrative tasks and project management seamlessly.


Brand identity and design

We offer comprehensive branding services that cover the aspects of brand development and execution, ensuring the brand is solidified before rolling out to market.

  • Determine your target audiences, buyer personas and target market definitions
  • Position the development marketing accordingly
  • Define the development’s personality in terms of visual and copy tonality
  • Finalise all brand elements, including the logo, tagline, iconography, colour palette, and font styling

Content creation

Our content and design creations work hand-in-hand to help bring your vision to life and create a unique story through imagery and strategically chosen words that relate to the target markets.

  • Using the decided upon brand tone and communicating across various marketing channels
  • Content planning and creation, including but not limited to social media, articles, and newsletters

Videography and photography

We manage photography and videography across various formats as per the project needs. Directing to ensure the strategy matches the key visuals.

  • Photography and videography, including drone
  • Lifestyle and product photography
  • Marketing videos: scripts, storyboards, conceptual design, video creation, and video editing

Development of launch strategies

We develop a marketing plan of introducing the brand into market which aligns with a customised and well-planned strategy for every project that aligns with the brand’s objectives, budget, trends, and target audiences.

  • Development of strategy
  • Execution
  • Maintenance

Digital sales tools

Our team's innovative approach includes designing customised visualisation tools that allow users to explore products remotely if needed, from any location across the globe.

  • Renders
  • 3D walk-throughs
  • Fly-through videos
  • Custom interactive map digital software

Websites and landing pages

We focus on creating the optimal user journey and lead conversion process to ensure that your brand is taken care of online, leveraging digital as the way forward.

  • Website planning
  • Copywriting, including SEO
  • Design, keeping UX/UI practices in mind
  • Website development
  • E-commerce development
  • Campaign-specific landing pages

Printing, production and signage

Our comprehensive services bring your brand to life with high-quality production, covering ideation, design, manufacturing, and installation of marketing materials.

  • Creation of production-related items
  • Marketing collateral: brochures, sales packs, business cards, etc.
  • Sales office collateral: sample boards, scale model, tex frames, sales prints, etc.
  • Brand home: on-site billboards, pointer boards, sold signage, pullout banners, permanent flags, etc.
  • OOH: print and digital billboards, etc.

Performance marketing

Our goal is to cost-effectively increase brand awareness and engagement with your target audience, ensuring that your brand reaches its intended market.

  • Social media marketing
  • Google ads marketing

Campaign analysis and reporting

Through continuous analysis, we adapt and refine our strategies to ensure you reach the results you want to achieve. Every month we provide reports for you to keep updated with the brand’s performance.

Depending on your requirements, we offer the following reports:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google ads
  • Social media
  • Any other relevant campaign-specific reports

Expert Collaborators

We have learnt that the best work gets produced through strong and long-term connections with best in breed expert partners. We enjoy working with dedicated specialists in every field with the ability to deliver on budget & on time, and alignment in terms of partnership. Our offering and partner network includes the full bouquet of marketing services (also including PPC, market research & PR). We always welcome bringing all legacy relationships into the mix.

We have established a seamless way of working that allows our clients to tap into deep knowledge without experiencing any ‘walls’ or friction between the entities. We will agree roles and responsibilities together with our client, including front-facing and ‘in the background’ team members - which means that our clients do not need to liaise with all role players separately, thus saving precious time and costs.

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