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Curation in action

We’ve considered two distinct approaches to the creation process in the first part of this series. In our final article, we’re looking at some topical examples of how to break through the clutter by selecting the best process for your marketing strategy.

Using quick-to-craft content

If there’s been a sudden change affecting your business, this approach may be the most suitable. In the event of new legislation, changes to your products, or movements within your business, you should prioritise informing your clients, ASAP.

The aim is to get the main idea across all marketing touchpoints, as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean that the final product is a slap-dash job - it’ll still require attention to detail, but needn’t include a fully-fledged content strategy.

During the earlier stages of the global pandemic, we noticed that changing regulations influenced almost every industry. Consumers needed to be updated regularly, about how services are impacted across all marketing touchpoints.

In this case, the communication should be simple - even cryptic where possible. For this type of messaging, opt for website banners, basic social media posts, and newsletters. This will shorten the time needed for development, design and overall management.

Consider this for short-term engagement

  • Short sentences, and phrases
  • Bullet styled lists
  • Factual details, minimal data
  • Limit characters
  • Infographics that can easily be processed

Full ideation content

This content aims to connect with the consumer, by forming a strong, sentimental bond. It’s essential to determine their style preferences, lifestyle choices, and their preferred ways of receiving information. This research will inform the typography, layout and finer design aspects.

The final product should include engaging graphic design, tailored content, complex development and thought should be given to each pixel viewed on the page.

Consider this for long-term engagement:

  • Carefully executed graphic design
  • User specific content
  • Web development for a strong UX
  • Innovative designs and bespoke graphics

Your creative keepsake

Content creation is a delicate, intricate phenomenon that requires a strong marketing strategy, to function optimally. The creative execution process should be regularly analysed to ensure that it’s serving its purpose.

Keep your eyes on our page for more articles coming up.

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