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How creativity evokes constructive change (and why it matters)

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Yet society tends to brand so-called ‘’Creatives’’ as being arty-farty, impractical and a little out there. Imagine that stereotypical image of the scraggly-haired, struggling artist in a cool hipster t-shirt and cut offs, mixing acrylics on a palette in front of a blank canvas.

This could not be further from the truth.

Creative-minded people are in fact the visionaries and problem-solvers of society. They are often extremely goal-orientated and highly effective. They know how to get the job done, with style.

Because they have the innate ability to see things differently, they are more adept at facilitating change that truly benefits society. Constructive change. Change that makes things better. They are also often, against type, engineers, scientists, lawyers, doctors and yes – always – artists. Because being an artist is about creating things of value that are sometimes (but not necessarily always) beautiful too. Creatives can also be entrepreneurs displaying savvy business acumen, or display a combination of many skills, wearing many different hats simultaneously.

Our society just doesn’t tend to equate creativity with science or business. And yet it should.

We are not only or exclusively ‘’that thing we do to pay the bills.’’ A janitor can be a budding opera singer. Your family dentist may play a mean saxophone. A home maker may have the fiscal mind and skills set of a chartered accountant, just without the university degree behind their name.

Creativity is innate, however, not everyone always has access to the right platform to express theirs. Everyone actually has an inner creative rearing to get out. It’s part of being human, after all. But confidence often inhibits us from expressing ourselves as we might wish to.

We believe in the power of creativity to change the world for the better. This concept forms the cornerstone of our company ethos. Not anarchically. But constructively. And also, perhaps most importantly to how we do things – strategically.

It’s about creating that fine balance between budgets, vision and practicality that determines how we operate from day to day. We need the creativity to create something unique and magnificent. We need a strategy to reign it in, roll it out and make it work. We need to be adaptable.

The interface between creativity and strategy in a marketing space is being experimented with and refined on a daily basis by tech innovators. Niche, custom-made user experiences now exist. They just tend to cost lots and lots of money to develop and implement.

But apps, metrics and social media platforms have transformed our ability to measure return in investment in a digital space. And the creative innovators out there keep tweaking and refining these tools to make our job as branding experts and advisors easier and more cost-effective.

We encourage our partners and associates to champion creativity as we do. Join us in making the world a better and more interesting place – one idea at a time.

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