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How will AIM influence brand growth?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a prominent topic and subject of debate in recent years. Though some theorists have expressed their fears that we might be replaced by our mechanic counterparts, others assert that these advances will lead to increased efficiency in our daily operations. AI has gradually pervaded automation systems in almost every field, and marketing is no exception. We’re progressively noticing the implementation of mechanisms that optimise our processes within the advertising landscape. Like any innovative phenomenon, it’s been given a charming, little acronym namely AIM, for artificial intelligence marketing. Neat, right?

One of the most noteworthy benefits of implementing AI is the objectivity and consistency with which these mechanisms complete tasks. Shortcomings, like a lackadaisical work ethic or limited concentration span, are also eliminated - music to the ears of any client or employer. (And we thought that occasional daydreaming could never be grounds for dismissal).

Brand strategy formulation involves processing a vast amount of data. The outcomes and success of the strategy relies on the accuracy with which information is filtered. Regrettably, even when wholly applied, the human mind cannot sift through information as rapidly or as precisely as our automated creations. AI can be effectively used to collect and identify relevant data through computerisation and automated processes. The time that would have been dedicated to this somewhat painstaking process, can now be devoted to the execution of exemplary creative outputs and ideation.

Customer service is strengthened through the implementation of automated systems. The collation and analysis of user-activity and preferences can be used to generate personalised content. This strengthens communication and brand perception on the whole. Digital platforms are harnessed optimally as AI allows us to track, monitor and report on the success of our efforts more effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation is increasingly applied to optimise the likelihood of being found online. AI serves a valuable function as it can be used to improve keyword planning strategies and customised news feeds through predictive intelligence. This increases turnaround time as well as the quality of these marketing exercises.

Rest assured that we won’t be losing our jobs to automated systems just yet. Human intervention is needed to create content that is distinct, emotive and inventive. Computers cannot assemble content that will resonate with an audience without our creative input. They merely enhance the accuracy of our research, execution and improve the quality of our delivery.

These developments will most likely influence several (if not all) industries. We can look forward to the various ways in which this empowering tool will boost sales and monitor progress; granted that the robots don’t outsmart and replace us entirely - ‘til then thanks, Alexa.

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