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We recently embarked on a fun exploration of content creation, highlighting how the user journey can be enhanced when the right approach is selected. Read it here. Given the economic changes and a great shift in consumers’ purchasing habits, we’ll all need to rethink our marketing strategies for 2021.


The new landscape will include a faster pace and a margin for error that is even more narrow than before, as well as a greater tendency to shift everything online.

Tips & marketing strategies for 2021:

Have an online focus

The increase in online shopping and ecommerce platforms begs us to focus attention on these spheres. Invest your resources on all ecommerce platforms, ensuring a seamless transition for first-timers.

Having a brick and mortar presence alone cannot maintain the connection with consumers.

Spot new opportunities

Be on the look-out for ways to fill the need gap. Successful businesses have found innovative ways of increasing their revenue, like shifting their product offer to include essential goods on ecommerce platforms.

Any offers that ensure health and safety or timely fulfillment are sure to receive positive feedback from customers.

Be concise

More than ever before, it’s required to cut on the copy. The fast pace means that you have even less time to really get your point across. For the copy, think short phrases, bulleted lists, minimal data, and engaging infographics and video.

Give only the needed details and make it worth the read!

Be light-hearted

It’s been a tough time! - for almost everyone. We’re all in need of some humor and comic relief. You’ll definitely get some extra points if you’re able to make your clients laugh a bit and evoke some positivity through the rollercoaster. Comedic or well executed visuals really go a long way and will serve your business well.

Connect with your consumer

Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and make sure you know what their priorities are in the ‘new normal’. Get insight into the humour, visual preferences, and general needs of the consumer. Use these conclusions to select an overall concept that appeals to the reader - whether it’s politics, theatre or stand-up comedy.

If you want the viewer to click-through, you have to offer something that really resonates with them at the core.

Creating irresistible content requires both strategy and creativity to ensure that it's optimally connecting with readers during their new normal. The upcoming year is going to be a challenging one with additional economic changes but you needn’t be intimidated - instead you should feel enthused and intrigued by its many loops and twists.

Get ready for a challenging season with these marketing strategies for 2021, that take your business to new heights.

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