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The question of curation

Content curation is essential when aiming to reach a given target audience. By fully understanding the desired user journey, the execution process of the final product can be clarified.

The creative wager

While limiting your time for a given project might be reserving your resources, this may lead to content that doesn’t fully capture the reader. Similarly, exhausting your resources to create breathtaking content may not be needed to engage with the crowd.

So how much effort should you be putting into the execution phase of a project to get noticed?

Meet the variables

Time and functionally are the fundamental variables that should be considered.

Imagine a spectrum with these variables:

  1. the time used to create the content, and
  2. the intricacy of the final product.

Quick and candid

If the main objective of the content is simply for the crux of the message to reach the public, a basic design and message with simple functionality will suffice. It would also be foolish to spend additional time on this type of content, as the energy and resources can be channelled elsewhere.

This should be implemented for short-term promotions and immediate responses.

A meticulous craft

In cases where long-term growth is desired, the final product should be meticulously crafted – this content aims to fully engage with the user and is created to offer a compelling user journey. This, however, will require extensive research and time.

This content is crafted with the aim of connecting with the consumer and creating a lasting impact.

Let’s evaluate

As a business, it is essential to consider the phase of communication you’re presently in, to discern every element’s individual worth.

When this is coupled with strategic analysis and creative ideation, you’re all set to start creating.

Stay informed with our second article of the series, coming soon.

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