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time to evolve

For most people, change is scary. We all tend to be a little risk averse. You get the occasional daredevil, a gravity defying Evil Knievel who is always up for trying something crazy and 'out there'. However, most of us err on the side of caution. Our conservative side calls the shots, especially when there's money involved.

The hard fact is that change is inevitable. In fact, it is happening all the time, whether we like it or not. Incremental change is part of evolution and things are evolving all the time. Our children, for example, are far more tech-aware than we ever were at the same age. We're all scrambling, constantly playing catch up, as the digital age propels us forward at what feels like rocket launch speed.

Nowhere is this dynamic more acutely felt than in the world of marketing. Digital platforms are constantly mutating. They have revolutionised the way we do business. Currently, we can speak to individuals on their terms, using their preferred language, on their preferred platform. We can customise our offerings to suit their wants and needs. We can even use online bots to provide consumers with a virtual relationship, a conversation and the vestiges of 'feeling heard and understood' and listened to that we all yearn for on some level.

Technological advances can be daunting, frightening and disempowering both for a consumer and a business owner, or they can be immensely exciting, inspiring and encouraging.

It really depends on the kind of person you are, how you view the world, and the way you do business.

The fact is, these changes aren't going away. They are going to keep coming at us. But something else it true too. The value of real people to people relationships still has innate value. And not all of us have the budget to build service bots, or apps or dashboards. Some of us still want to shake another human being's hand, smile into their eyes and say, “thanks for getting me.”

Our company is 15 years old this year. In the world of branding and marketing that's no small milestone. We've grown from a three-person team set up in a garage to fully global agency servicing a client base with an imprint on four continents.

We have evolved. Our offering has evolved. And we believe in change.

For any business to stay relevant, you have to keep up with trends. But you don't have to compromise your values or break the bank to do so. We know that because what we value most highly as a company is relationships. Make that the core of your business, and your brand evolution is inevitable. As long as you're staying aware and keeping conversations with your customer base going.

It all starts with four walls and a cup of coffee. It all starts with a conversation. That's how we change the world and move forward. By showing up. By watching. By listening. By adapting.

As a company, we're ready for the next decade. We've done the work to future-proof our business, to stay relevant and to add value. And we're doing the same for our clients.

How? By balancing creativity with strategy. By refining and tweaking. By committing and persevering.

Time to evolve? It's already happening. You may as well do it right.

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